Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Foundation - A Timely Introduction to Feminist Action @ YU


The WSUSC has been in existence in collaboration with the Women’s Studies Department at York University for approximately six years.   
However, while they did amazing activism each year it was taken over by a new coordinator.
With that in mind, the WSUSC set to work in the 2009/10 academic year to build a foundation that feminist’s and allies can build upon.   
Our goal was to provide a young feminist voice both on and off campus while supporting the third wave of feminism (arguably fourth?) within Canada.   
After copious amounts of emailing and meetings, we were successful and landed ourselves a beautiful office within Founders College. It is this foundation that we wish to share in order to achieve solidarity and equity for all walks of life.

The WSUSC activism is based on a radical, queer, grassroots lens.   

However, we do recognize the multiple interpretations of feminism and celebrate and support this diversity.This grassroots approach allows us to dismantle structures of power from the bottom up, while being a fluid as possible.

Our attempt is to try and work outside of societal systems in order to question what we consider ‘normal.’  It is through this activism that we hope to blur traditional identity categories and structures of power in our fight for equity.

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